The Realty Paper – Features my Article

Investments in real estate can potentially generate outstanding returns for you, through the dual benefits of a steady rental income and capital appreciation of the asset. However, these investments are capital intensive, need a medium to long term perspective and cannot be easily liquidated. Both prospective investors and those seeking to cash in their investments in the real estate market, face several challenges and risks which need to be minimized to the extent possible. It is here that a professional, competent and honest Real Estate Consultant can prove to be an invaluable friend, philosopher and guide, helping you make the right decisions, successfully negotiate the maze and optimize your gains.

My article ‘The Importance of Retaining a Real Estate Consultant’ highlights the above and many more aspects. It was published as the Feature Story in the coveted and leading online real estate daily, The Realty Paper ( on 18 October 2016.

Do look up the issue and read my article for more detailed insights, at the link below.

The Importance of Retaining a Real Estate Consultant



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